How Does a Car Lease Work? - Audi Car Leasing Explained

Lease a Vehicle

Leasing a vehicle allows you to drive the newest models without committing to ownership. With a variety of lease options, you can choose the term and mileage that best fits your lifestyle and payment needs.

By leasing, drivers can:

  • Trade in your vehicle for a new Audi model every few years
  • Enjoy flexible terms and lower monthly payments (on average versus buying)
  • Retain the option to buy your Audi model when you are ready


When you lease a vehicle, you do not own it. You pay to use it during the term of your lease, allowing you to drive the latest models.


Since you pay for the vehicle's depreciation, plus applicable taxes and fees, instead of the purchase price, you can drive a premium vehicle for less than you might with financing over a similar term.


We offer a variety of mileage options for you to choose from that will meet your driving needs. Whatever you choose as your base mileage option, you'll retain the opportunity to purchase additional miles later on. If you're looking to purchase additional miles, refer to the chart below.

Base annual mileage options & costs of additional miles:

Base Annual mileage options

Purchase additional miles (optional)


Lease Inception

Lease Mid-Point

Lease End


$0.15 per mile

$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile



$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile


$0.20 per mile

$0.25 per mile


  • Cost per additional mile varies by model, and higher mileage options may increase your monthly payment.
  • Any additional miles purchased will not be refunded

Wear and use: A normal amount of wear and use is covered under your lease. But, dents, gouges, or chipped glass can happen to even the most conscientious driver. Additional charges will apply for excessive wear and use at the end of your lease term.  Refer to our optional Vehicle Protection plans for service contracts that may help avoid potential charges for excess wear.

Lease-end process: At the end of the lease, you have the flexibility to return your leased vehicle to your dealer, purchase it for a predetermined price, or buy or lease a new Audi vehicle.

At lease turn in, you are responsible for:

  • Excess wear and use
  • Any remaining payments
  • Any charges specified in your lease agreement that have not been paid
  • Excess mileage charges
  • Any state fees
  • Disposition fee (if you do not lease or purchase a new or Certified pre-owned Audi through AFS within 90 days)

About Vehicle Leasing

Explore the benefits of leasing and learn more about other Audi ownership options.

Every few years you like to change things up or you're perhaps looking to lower your monthly payment. For you, leasing with Audi Financial Services is a great option and allows you to choose how long you wish to drive your Audi model.

Let's take a look at the benefits of your future lease with Audi Financial Services. While Audi Fort Lauderdale can offer you a personalized step-by-step description of the leasing process, here are a few details that might help you decide if leasing is your ideal option.

By leasing, drivers can:
  • Trade in your vehicle for a new Audi model every few years
  • Enjoy flexible terms and lower monthly payments (on average versus buying)
  • Retain the option to buy your Audi model when you are ready

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Audi Leases

We're Here to Answer Your Most Popular Audi Lease Questions

If you're in the market for a new high-end luxury sports car – like the Audi R8 – you owe it to yourself to save every penny that you can. Instead of buying it, we invite you to discover the advantages of leasing your favorite models from Audi Fort Lauderdale. Leasing is a great way to save on your favorite luxury cars without overspending on buying something brand-new.

Taking out an auto loan requires borrowing money from the bank, which you must be committed to paying back. Most lenders offer customizable repayment plans, but we recommend leasing a new vehicle if you're worried about facing any type of debt. Leasing only asks that you pay what you can upfront before determining a lower monthly payment, which costs less than if you were to buy your next car.

It varies from customer to customer and from model to model. In general, the higher your credit score is, the more likely you are to get approved. If you’re in the market to lease a new Audi in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we can help you get approved if your credit score is 740 or above (excellent), 680-739 (prime), or 620-679 (near prime).

Yes, your monthly payments will be much lower when you lease compared to buy. Buying your next vehicle outright will require a hefty down payment and require more each month to cover the expenses of your auto-loan. But if you decide to lease, you'll enjoy paying less upfront and less each month while still getting to take advantage of all the latest technology and performance features for the duration of your lease.

Leasing an Audi online is very simple. You can click to apply for auto-financing directly on our website and explore our new inventory for your favorite luxury cars and SUVs. Once your credit gets approved, our team can work with you virtually to help determine an optimal repayment plan that best suits your budget. At this point, we can also help you manage your trade-in or assist with selling your old car.

Once your lease is up, you can choose to buy it outright and then eventually claim ownership of it. After paying off your remaining balance and covering all expenses for the car, you'll be able to claim it as your own. This is a popular lease-end option for many drivers in Fort Lauderdale who end up loving their car and want to continue driving it!

At Audi Fort Lauderdale, we do our best to help you secure an affordable lease deal that's in line with your budget. Our dealership routinely offers lease deals and special incentive offers to help you save on your favorite new luxury cars and SUVs. If you're in the market to lease, leave it up to us to help you take advantage of all the great ways that you can save at Audi Fort Lauderdale.

Yes. All new Audi models can be leased.
In our opinion leasing an Audi RS is the better option. By leasing an RS, you'll save money on your monthly payments and your repair costs will be covered. Not to mention all the various options and conveniences available to you when the lease ends.
When your lease expires, several options are available. If you like the model you're driving, you can purchase the vehicle outright or extend the lease. Though if you don't like the model you're leasing - you can upgrade to a new Audi instead. And if you're no longer interested in leasing, you can return the vehicle to our dealership

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